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Founder and owner of MAK’s Logistics, Michael A. Kuenster, started his brokerage company in Minnesota with the sole objective of providing manufacturers with reliable service regardless of their size, making sure every load is delivered with honesty and integrity.

As markets change throughout the year and over the years, we want to provide excellent rates, ensuring that products are picked up as scheduled and delivered on time.

While most brokerages base their decisions on profit margin, our years of experience in the industry have shown that dependable, established relationships are more important. In the long run, trusted relationships allow us to provide the best services and rates.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you with your shipping needs.



Over the road Truck load Services

• Hazardous materials
• Flatbed
• Refrigerated, and protect from freezing loads nationwide.

We also provide those same services to and from Canada.

Spot quoting available on a daily basis.

Contracts are available for 1-2 year locked in rates.



With customers all over the country, we provide quoting and services to every shipper to and from anywhere.
Their is not a lane we can not service throughout the continental U.S. and Canada

Insured and bonded by Arthur J Gallagher & Co.


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    15170 Chippendale Ave, Rosemount - MN 55068